We started out talking about how to deal with the cold weather this year! This week’s discussion turned to healthy habits for the new year, mostly diet and exercise. We also talked about the benefits of taking it easy the first two weeks of the year, since we tend to be overwhelmed from the rush of the holidays and the glut of holiday food and drink. I suggested taking a couple of weeks of no pressure, rest, and once you’re feeling like you can’t sit still, THAT’S the time to start planning and even implementing healthy habits! For some, that’s going to mean getting lots of rest the first two weeks of the year, then starting planning the third week, and getting started in earnest in February. The darkest, coldest time of the year tends to happen in early January, at least in Connecticut. This is a good time to acclimate to the cold weather! We also talked about how to get started on an exercise program. The answer: do what you’ll do, and start slowly!