The WHUS Training Program is your path to involvement at WHUS.  There are countless ways to get involved, whether you shine in the spotlight, or prefer behind the scenes work. With a fully equipped on-air studio, several production studios, an extensive music archive, and remote broadcast capabilities, make use of what we have to offer!

If you’re interested in becoming a DJ, producing a music or talk show, broadcasting UConn sports, writing or producing audio journalism, mastering audio production or anything in between, this is the place to start.

To become broadcast certified, sign up for the WHUS Broadcast Training Program (link below), available to all UConn students, faculty, staff, and members of the surrounding communities. While the WHUS training program is open to all, please be aware that we give preference to UConn Storrs undergrads when creating the class roster and  often receive more interest than we can accommodate.

If you don’t want be on the radio, but want to be involved at WHUS, please reach out to Rita Plante at and we’ll connect you!

What am I getting myself into?

3 weeks of Session per Week – Information will include General WHUS Radio Information, FCC Compliance, and WHUS Policy OR accelerated – hour training session. 

weeks of broadcast mentoring – work with a current DJ to get hands-on experience in the studios.

1 exam on what you learned in class.

1 air-check recorded on WHUS2

For more information about the training program contact Rita Plante at

Spring 2020 Training Dates

Due to the current COVID-19 situation and the closure of the University, there will be no in-person training classes until Fall 2020.

If you are interested in an online session, email the training director. We will run an online session if we get enough interest.

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Podcast and Sports Specific Training Classes

If you are interested in engineering or announcing sports games, you do not need to attend a full training session. Reach out to both the training director and the sports director to find out how you can get involved!

For podcasts, if you want to produce a show that will be on the website ONLY, you do not need to attend the training session. However, if you want your show to be broadcast over an FM signal, you do need to attend the training session.

If you have any questions about sports, podcasting, or FM broadcast training, reach out to emails below!

Courtney at or Drew at

You can also register your interest in the form above and we will be in contact with you.

Become a Mentor!

Want to help train new DJ’s? Want to earn extra work credit to get a better time slot on air? After completing the broadcast training program you are eligible to become a WHUS Broadcast Mentor! To get certified as a mentor, watch this video and take the quiz that goes along with it. You will then be contacted by the training director to set you up with a trainee!

Take the Mentoring Quiz