Since 2017, WHUS has been publishing a magazine full of student artwork and writing. Our goal is to highlight hidden talent and unique perspectives at UConn. This semester we are working on an issue titled “Exposure Therapy,” that is intended to put both the artist and the reader outside their comfort zone.

We are seeking written and visual work that challenges the artist artistically and mentally while also making the intended audience uncomfortable in some way. This could range from unique political or personal statements, unsettling photos, abstract artwork, to anything unfamiliar to the general public.

Past WHUS Zines include the Fall 2018 edition titled “Speak on That,” which includes a collection of writing, collages, and artwork centered around social and political commentary, and the Fall 2017 edition which is more of a broad display of the various artistic styles seen in students at UConn.

If you are interested in creating work for the Fall 2020 Zine, “Exposure Therapy,” please reach out to Rita at and Casey at for more information. Zine meetings are held Wednesdays at 6:30PM over Google Meet.

We are currently accepting submissions up until November 20, 2020 in the following linked dropbox. Prior to submitting anything, we encourage you to reach out to the contacts above and please review these linked guidelines. We can’t wait to see what you create!

Video by Casey Wheeler