The News Department, led by News Director Kate Ariano, allows students and community members to gain hands-on experience in broadcast journalism by writing and recording news stories. These meetings are a great opportunity for students and community members to network and connect with each other in a collaborative and supportive learning environment. Last year, the department covered major UConn events like HuskyTHON and First Night, and it offered students the ability to be foreign correspondents during their study abroad programs.

WHUS News celebrated its 50th episode of its weekly news show Husky Nation News last Semester. HNN is a podcast produced in collaboration with UCTV and The Daily Campus to provide news updates and lively conversation to the UConn community about campus happenings. The podcast is broadcasted live over FM signal.

News department meetings are held weekly on Thursdays at 7pm. They will be held over Google Meet, email Kate at for the link to join!