Bicycle Talk
Bicycle Talk
Bicycle Talk Episode 402

Bicycle Talk. Episode 402 July 3rd  2024.   Ron’s Rant: Governor Hochul back in the news. I have a solution.   On a positive side: Biniam Girmay.  More TDF 2024  183 cities have built bike friendly streets and their residents want more!  Mechanical minute and cycling tips: 2024’s best cities to bicycle in.  Content:  More talk on the NY Governor and congestion pricing. Ron offers suggestions and solutions to the Govenor’s weak excuse as to why she won’t put it through. Why the surgeon general needs to identify road accidents as a health crisis. Biniam Girmay. Africa’s premier cycling superhero. 3 stages into the TDF and why Ron thinks this could be a very exciting year.  Events and Finishing Points.

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