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    WHUS Radio is the noncommercial college and community radio station at the University of Connecticut. WHUS is staffed by a mix of students and community members, and is governed by a voting staff and Operations Board. WHUS music programming covers everything from polka to techno. Our formats include indie rock, RPM, punk, metal, noise, jazz, classics, world, polka, bluegrass, folk, blues, and many other kinds of music. Every semester promises a new blend of music and public affairs twenty-four hours per day. WHUS public affairs programming provides an alternative antidote to the mainstream commercial news-media. These shows cover a wide variety topics, including the rights of women, the LGBTI community, and people of color; protection of public health and the natural environment; critical media analysis; and the battle for democracy, locally and nationally.

    WHUS.org is meant to be a continuum of WHUS Radio’s broadcast mission and programming.  While WHUS encourages website visitors to listen to the live broadcast stream, WHUS.org is a translation of our content from one media to another. Please enjoy everything that WHUS.org has to offer.

    WHUS also provides a learning environment for those UConn students and individuals in the UConn community who are interested in radio broadcasting and other media.  The doors of WHUS Radio are open to everyone, student or non-student, who would like to actively participate.  Three times a year, WHUS offers a training program, teaching the basics of radio broadcasting.  Upon completion of this course, trainees are eligible to obtain a noncommercial FCC broadcasting license.  The course includes approximately seven weeks of classroom and in-studio training.  If you would like to attend the training class or get involved in any other way, please click here.

    The broadcast license of WHUS is held by the Board of Trustees of the University of Connecticut and a majority of funding comes from fees paid by undergraduate students.  WHUS also raises money by private donations, including an annual Radiothon fund drive and by renting space on WHUS’s tower.  WHUS’s mission to the public is to provide a service in the form of noncommercial information and entertainment programming.


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