Bicycle Talk
Bicycle Talk
Bicycle Talk Episode 401

Bicycle Talk. Episode 401 June 26th 2024.   Ron’s Rant:  More on the NY Governors Congestion Pricing debacle. And Speed, It’s the speed limit dummy. Why we need to lower the speed limits in cities and high congestion areas.    On a positive side: Shout out to Cambridge MA. And later in the show, it’s TDF time!   Mechanical minute and cycling tips:  More insights on the versatility of rear radar for bicycles. Ron shares a recent discovery.    Content:  3 reasons why cities should lower speed limits, 20 MPH limits save time and improve traffic flow. How Pro-Bike Policies Transformed Cambridge, Massachusetts, Into a Top City for Biking .  Tour de France Preview.  Ron Previews the beginning stages of this year’s Tour de France. Events and Finishing Points.

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