Bicycle Talk Episode 278: January 17th, 2022:  Ron’s Rant. Mechanics Ask Walmart, Major Bike Manufacturers to Stop Making and Selling ‘Built-to-Fail’ Bikes. Stop buying junk! On a positive side: A bump in the road update: Monthly progress report   Is it possible to kick one’s own butt while teaching an extreme spin class? I have to admit, yes.  The Maintenance Minute:  Bicycle apps.  Content:. It’s Martin Luther King Day and of course I have a picture of him riding a bicycle. Why wouldn’t he? Follow Up on Mayor Eric Adams:  Nonprofit mechanics petition for repairable bikes.  Ron Talks about disposable bicycle industry and why there needs to be regulation. These products are harmful to the environment, erode public confidence in the usefulness and joy of bicycles, and waste the money of the mostly poor and working-class people who buy them.”  Trek buys out another 6 store chain in DC area. The beginning of the end of the LBS.  Local events, and finishing points.