Radio Naturopath
Radio Naturopath
Radio Naturopath Episode 426: Too Much Caffeine and Sugar, Maintaining Healthy Bones and Osteoporosis

This week, I talked about how overdoing caffeine and sugar can be problematic, as it is for me. I explained the mechanism, how the neurotransmitters and the energy-slowing compound adenosine play into the highs and lows of caffeine use. Some people break down caffeine quickly, and don’t have a problem. But some break it down slowly and can have a variety of symptoms. If you have autonomic dysfunction, like POTS, it can make the whole thing worse!

Then I moved on to more topics on aging, in honor of my just-passed 60th birthday. Today I focused on bone density and how to healthfully protect yourself from osteoporosis and fractures. Good nutrition and exercise are where it’s at!