Today we talked about a few supplements for atherosclerosis, then went on to discuss back issues. We’re “back” to spinal stenosis, which is what my mom has, and herniated/bulging discs, which is what I have.  There’s lots you can do shy of surgery. My mom is having minimally invasive injections to her spine; I’m trying to avoid that, and taking supplements like magnesium, curcumin, SPMs, and phosphatidylserine. I’m also having chiropractic and did a float tank, where you lie in a bath with 1100 lb. of Epsom salt and float for an hour! NO PAIN the whole time you’re in there! It doesn’t fix it immediately but it helps a lot. I also have been doing Yoga Nidra which reduces the pain through stress reduction. I’ll keep us posted on all the things I try.