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Radio Naturopath Episode 379: Happy New Year! Easy Resolutions for 2023; Weight Loss 101

Today, of course, I talked about New Year’s resolutions, things people can resolve to do but aren’t gargantuan and you don’t feel like you’ve failed at them after two weeks. They are more things that take a little effort once in a while, like volunteering at a food pantry, creating a gratitude journal and writing in it only when you feel like it, and resolving to exercise because it feels good and not because you feel like you have to. Doing bite-sized self-improvement actions can be really helpful! Another one I emphasized is that it’s OK to rest MORE, take some down time and do less stuff. Restoration and rejuvenation are really important this time of year!

I also reviewed the basic principles of fat loss, as I like to do periodically, and people are definitely interested in that this time of year. The most important thing? REST! It lowers cortisol, reducing blood sugar and insulin and making restorative hormones like estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone more available. The LEAST? Supplements. Fat loss happens in an enviroment of caloric restriction and hormonal balance. Supplements can only go so far in helping with that; you have to change what you do.

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