Bicycle Talk Episode 327:  January 2nd 2023:   Ron’s Rant:  It’s the New Year! Welcome 2023 I think?  And a sad shout out to our friend John whose 45 year old daughter Amanda Bell on the 28th of December.  On a positive side:  Always a Shout out to  Billy “too tall” Doujac and Laura Mullaley.   Life is good. It’s been almost 1 year and  8 months since I had my quadruple bypass surgery and this morning I hit a record breaking workout at the gym in spin class. Just keeps getting better. Looking forward to the new year.  Let’s talk Resolutions! Fran?  Mechanical minute and cycling tips:   Firing up that indoor trainer, what you need to know.  Content:   The New Year brings new cycling goals. Perhaps you have a major race on the docket and need to start training right away, or maybe you just want to get out on your bike more. Whatever your goals are for 2023, try to keep a few things in mind as you go about achieving them.  Ron and Fran talk about 2023 and resolutions.  Story from NPR:  E-bikes could be a more affordable way to reduce emissions.  Events and finishing points.