This week I talked about the blood clotting situation with the Johnson & Johnson and Astra-Zeneca COVID-19 vaccinations. In the US, the J&J vaccination administration has been put on pause until the government knows who can safely take this vaccine. It’s because of an exceedingly rare, but often deadly condition involving platelet factor 4 complexes, antibodies, and blood clots to the brain and gut that uses up platelets and increases bleeding likelihood. The likelihood of getting these rare disorders from these vaccines is astronomically lower than getting these conditions from actually having COVID-19. Having said that, YOU don’t want to be the one to have this condition, so the CDC is figuring out who has the most likelihood of getting these disorders and will recommend that those folks take Pfizer or Moderna instead, which are not showing these side effects. it’s problematic because these single-dose, easliy refrigerated vaccines are the answer for disadvantages populations here and abroad. It’s likely that they’ll be re-approved for specific populations.

Tuesday, April 20 is Weed Day! It’s the day to celebrate cannabis. We talk a little bit about access and health benefits.