Bicycle Talk Episode 245:  April 26th 2021: Ron’s Rant. Growing old. Yes it’s my birthday and this getting old thing is highly overrated. Also the Super Tuck enforcement hits a big name pro. On a positive side: Got my old e-bike running! Repurposing and old bike for new uses. It’s my birthday! The Maintenance Minute: Converting a great find Burley Trailer to a cargo, multipurpose trailer. Converting a Bicycle Child Trailer Into a Cargo Trailer

Content: Start with a little fun today. The worst riders to ride with. Ron talks lightly about habits observed on group rides that can be annoying to some. Are you aware of any of these habits? Ron reflects on the observations of Industry analyst Jay Townley. “This is not a bike boom, it’s a sales Surge”. This and more to be continued in the next episode. Local events in the next few months, and finishing points.