This week, we talked about just a few things: Ron had a slip and fall injury about two years ago, hit his head, his right shoulder blade, and maybe more. He got checked out at the ER to see if he had a concussion and they sent him home. He hasn’t been getting regular care for his resultant, ongoing shoulder pain due to cost. We talked about some things he could do at home to help with pain and healing. We also mentioned some probiotics that can be helpful in protecting against vaginitis in women. We finished with the current status of the pandemic. Ron went on a bit of a rant in that too many people aren’t wearing masks in indoor public spaces, and if they would it would go a long way to calming down the pandemic. We were in a very good place in Connecticut with low case numbers in the summer and then they shot up again since the cold weather has come. Some schools have even gone to remote learning because of case numbers. it’s exhausting and frustrating! We go through some of the reasons and things that can help.