Ron and I went to Pennsylvania Dutch Country! It was really interesting to learn that there are about 40,000 Amish in greater Lancaster County, PA, the difference between Amish and Mennonite, that church is in each other’s homes, and that they DO use electricity as long as it’s not attached to the grid. Some still have ancient coal stoves, but coal is very expensive, so many have gas-powered stoves and refrigerators, and air compressor powered small appliances. Some are so newfangled that they’re getting solar panels! Apparently church is on alternate weeks, so we saw TONS OF BUGGIES on the road, and late in the day we saw young folks in buggies a-courtin’! We knew this because the boys had no facial air and the girls had white pinafores. We learned all this stuff at the museum of the Amish Village! I also ate whoopie pies and shoo-fly pie! 

This week’s big topic was IRRITABLE BOWEL SYNDROME. I thought lots of people would appreciate the topic; somewhere between 3-20% of my listeners. All about what it is and isn’t, and how it’s usually some combination of stress, anxiety/depression, and eating foods that just don’t work for you. We talked about some meds ,and more supplements that can help.