I gave a review of good COVID-19 safety practices, reminding everyone that the way we’re still spreading this virus is spending time with too many people in close quarters, especially indoors and without masks. This is not a great time to go to bars or attend parties, and probably not even to eat in restaurants! The virus will die out without hosts, so if we mask, sanitize, limit how many people we come in contact with, and do it in a safe way, the virus will eventually die out. We are by no means there yet, so all those practices still need to be followed. 

Ron asked a great question: why do my bowel habits change when I travel? Mostly because of the stress of not being in your own, safe bathroom! Also diet change to some extent, but I think it’s mostly that we need to feel safe when we’re in the bathroom, and the hotel or highway bathroom doesn’t cut it!

I talked about gout: what it is, where it tends to occur, how to eat and drink to prevent it, and some meds and supplements that are used.