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Radio Naturopath
Radio Naturopath Episode 412: Supplements for Autoimmune Conditions, Autoimmune Protocol Diet

This week, I gave more update on my orthopedic and autonomic conditions. Slow going and I am impatient! I want to be back on my bike! This is a long-haul situation, so I just need to be patient.

I talked about various supplements that can be helpful for folks with autoimmune conditions. Curcumin, boswellia, and rosemary, among others, can all be helpful for calming the fire of an overactive immune system. I also talked about the Autoimmune Protocol diet, a healthy, cleansing diet for autoimmune conditions that would really help with any condition at all! Focus, of course, is on whole, unprocessed foods, and avoiding grains, beans, seeds, and anything processed for a period of time. After symptoms have abated, you can try to add back in foods that you miss.