This week I talked about, surprise, what it was like to experience a hurricane! Being in Florida during a hurricane is not really a vacation. First there’s prep, then there’s anxiously awaiting, then there’s scarily enduring, and then there’s the aftermath. Fortunately, my mom’s house has good construction so we weathered the storm well. No electricity for only 3 days, and no internet for a week! My heart goes out to those who lost lives, were injured, or lost homes and property. Ft. Myers, Cape Coral, and North Port were tragically damaged. 

This week’s health topic was low back pain. I had some a couple of weeks ago that put me in the ER thinking I had a kidney stone, but it was just my spondylosis acting up! The pain can be that bad! So, we discussed how it happens, conventional treatment, and began to discuss natural support for low back pain. We’ll continue with more natural help next week.