I took a chance and discussed the drug ivermectin, which people are obtaining out of desperation any way that they can for COVID-19. This is very concerning, because ivermectin has not been proven to be efficacious at preventing or treating COVID-19. It also has toxic side effects, and when people are obtaining it without a prescription they are taking toxic amounts and are in need of poison control! Ivermectin IS being studied, but at this time it has nowhere near the efficacy or proven benefit of the COVID-19 vaccines. Plus, in my opinion, NOBODY should be relying only on vaccines or drugs to protect them from COVID-19. We should still be wearing masks in congregate settings and indoors; gargling and cleaning our noses; eating healthy fruits, vegetables, and protein and avoiding food intolerances and unhealthy processed foods and refined foods; getting adequate rest; reducing stress; and getting regular exercise. It’s possible that ivermectin will prove to have some efficacy but it should be prescribed by a doctor or used if you unfortunately wind up in the hospital being treated for COVIDI-19.

I also talked about colon cancer: what it is, how to prevent, diagnose, and treat it with both biomedicine and natural medicine.

About The Author

I am Zachary Kopacz, a Computer Engineering major at the University of Connecticut.

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