Bicycle Talk Episode 261: September 7th, 2021:  Ron’s Rant. Ron rant’s about Strava through a Facebook post from Cycling over 60. On a positive side: A bump in the road update. Ron keeps listeners up to date on his condition.  The Vuelta Espania is over  Finger Lake FTF Fondo!  The Maintenance Minute:   Ceramic Sealed bearings. A listener asks Ron if they are  worth it.  Content:   The Vuelta comes to a close:  OTHER THINGS OF NOTE FROM THE 76TH VUELTA . The Americans Lawson Craddock and Sepp Kuss.  So, before you give up your day job,  is it worth it to race bikes?Top 20 highest paid riders, according to L’Équipe according the the publication and website from GB Cyclist. Ron reflects on his conversations with an alternative transportation specialist he met. America’s Most Toxic Car Ad: Hummer EV vs. H3 . Is Car Culture Is Getting Even Worse?  How Much Does It Really Cost To Own Your Car? You’ll Be Amazed.  How Much Does It Cost to Commute by Bike? Watch out for those sneaky hybrids and electric cars.  Local events in the next few months, Cyclocross, and finishing points.