This week we reviewed the wonderful Know Your Farmer Fair, where I got a great pair of alpaca wool gloves, some fire cider, and a horse hair bracelet. We got to talk with local farmers about their wares! Ron and I both had a great time.

I talked YET MORE about the coronavirus, elaborated on herbs for different purposes: ginger and turmeric to reduce inflammation, marshmallow root, elecampane and mullein to stop viruses from sticking to mucous membranes, echinacea, mushrooms, and eleuthero to support the immune system. We also talked about whether you need masks, washing your hands, and resting. We just have to see what happens as more people contract the virus, or if efforts at containment are successful. 

I also talked about great heart healthy foods! Walnuts, olives and their monounsaturated fats; berries and cherries and anthocyanins; and COCOA FLAVONOLS. Yum!

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