Mark Wahlberg and Dr. Oz got into it! I think it’s pretty funny but it’s a topic worth discussing. They both got into their corners and said Everyone Should Do Things This Way. The thing is, they’re both right! Dr. Oz thinks you should skip breakfast, because he believes in intermittent fasting. I think there’s benefit to it too. It makes sense to wait until you’re actually hungry to start eating for the day. You also spend a significant amount of time in a low insulin state, which allows your body to do repair, reduces inflammation, and forces your body to burn more fat. However, if you’re like Mark and you have found that your healthy workout is supported by eating a certain way before that workout, then have at it! Mark is presumably very healthy and has found a way of eating that supports him and his workout. The point is not to take a side, but do what makes sense for your body. Dr. Oz is also correct in stating that most people are NOT like Mark Wahlberg. Ron found some CDC stats that said that only 23% of Americans get enough exercise to make a difference in their health, which means 150 minutes/week of moderate or 75 minutes/week of high intensity cardio, plus 2 sessions/week of resistance training. So the VAST MAJORITY of Americans are NOTHING like Mark! So Dr. Oz makes a point in that most people would benefit from doing things the way he suggests. But you should always do what makes you happy and healthy, whatever that is!