November 27th 2019 Bicycle Talk Episode 178  Ron’s Rant: Digital Doping on Swift and other cycling apps? Really?  On a positive side: It’s Thanksgiving! Ron and Fran reflect on what they are thankful for. Maintenance minute: Rear derailleurs and the hangers that hold them. Content: Ron Talks about Copenhagen and about an article in the NY Times. More about protected bike lands and the cities that are moving in that direction. The League of American Bicycles releases it’s State by State report card. Connecticut critiqued, needs more work. Calendar: Cyclocross season wrapping up. Nationals in December in Washington State. 

One Response

  1. Juston D Manville

    Zwift doping has nothing to do with —… Since Zwift uses strength to weight to determine (watts / KG) speed on hills ect, just like in the real world. When a user lies about his weight his/her strength to weight appears better. Just one way to “dope” but you are right so crazy.