October 16th 2019 Bicycle Talk Episode 172 

 Ron returns after 2 weeks away due to illness. 

Ron’s Rant: Are you alternative transportation friendly? Quotes from MOTHERLOAD Documentary on October 17th

Why can’t I make a change? Why shouldn’t I make a change?On a positive side: Close to 100 Junior riders show up to the second of the Connecticut series of Cyclocross race in Mansfield at Mansfield Hollow CT. 

Cross race Mansfield Hollow 2019 Notes:  To quote a song written by Songwriters: John Lennon / Paul McCartney  “with a little help from my friends” And an exceptional amount of support from my riding partner and everything in life partner “pedlinFran” Storch. Really big shout out to my old riding and racing friend Dave Geissert. 

 Mechanical minute: A shout out to VeloFix mobile services for their support of the Connecticut Series of Cross

 Content: Special Guest Susan Smith Executive director BikeWalkCT. ¬its to talk about. Updates on what is happening in the Bike-Ped world of Connecticut. Events calendar. 

3 Responses

  1. Juston D Manville

    Great episode. CT has some of the most underrated trails in the country. I am blown away with how good the greenways trails are. The University, on the other hand, is incredibly car-centric. Why the heck isn’t there a bike lane in 195? I like the idea you proposed a couple of episodes back; no cars on campus.

  2. Juston D Manville

    Ron, when you say CCAP is the best cycling youth org. in the country it shows that you haven’t been paying attention to NICA. In Idaho NICA gets over 600 kids per race, there were 80 kids on the Wood River HS(600 kids in the school) Team alone. In Colorado NICA races regularly get 1500+ kids. The NorCal League also has over 1500 kids. I think CT and New England are actually way behind in that they are one of the only regions in the country to not have NICA racing. BTW: Kate Courtney and Chloe Woodroff both came from NICA.