Today we review my progress on healing my sore knee. It’s going OK, but now I’m off the bike until Sunday! My chiropractor thinks I need more down time. And then I’ll have to go slow and easy when I get back! But I want to heal so I can get in some good fall riding before I have to move indoors.

I’ve seen so many colds and coughs and so many people with lingering sinus infections and bronchitis that I felt I needed to remind everyone about their cold and cough hygiene! Even Savannah Guthrie on NBC went viral! Neti pots, nasal sprays, lozenges, gargling.

And finally, for people taking meds for depression, anxiety and other psychiatric conditions, I talked about genetic testing to help figure out the meds that will work best and which are contraindicated. I also have testing for which supplements might be more helpful than others, and for vitamin utilization.

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