September 11th 2019 Bicycle Talk Episode 169

Ron’s Rant: Will you please not use that cell phone while driving your car!  Shout out to two local riders who were both struck from behind while riding their bikes. We need stronger cell phone and distracted driving laws. One of the riders, Billy Dujac, friend on the show, calls in. On a positive side: The UN endorses cycling and riding bicycles. Mechanical minute: Servicing and checking that mountain bike. Content: Ron and Fran talk about last weekend’s Gravel Grinder. Fran related  her experience as a novice. Fran also talks about the COVAC ride the following day. Chatter about the Vuelta continues. Setting the stage for next weeks episode as Ron will talk about getting in your first cross race and how to prepare. Events calendar. 

One Response

  1. Juston David Manville

    All the cross races in New England are getting canceled. I’m calling Portland the cross mecca. Three races a week within city limits.