Today is 9/11, so we talked about our hearts going out to those who perished, survivors, people who became gravely ill and even died from inhaling toxins during the firefighting and search and rescue efforts. We talked about how blessed we are that in our country this is not an everyday occurrence and yet we would like to see peace on earth so NOBODY has to experience this. We shouted out to Jon Stewart for championing the rescue workers who became ill so that they could have lifelong federally funded heatlhcare. And we talked about how the town of Gander, Newfoundland hosted the people who were diverted from Europe because the American airspace was closed, and I reminisced about my time there!

We also gave a reminder that Eastern Equine Encephalitis has been found in mosquitoes in Connecticut, and everyone would do well to protect themselves from mosquitoes, although it’s rare. I also reminded everyone that tick borne illness is much more common, and we need to protect ourselves from both. For mosquitoes, cover up, bug spray, and stay indoors at dawn and dusk! Bug spray is a good idea to help to prevent tick bites, too.