This week, we once again did an update on Ron’s Lyme treatment because we changed some things, and we talked about how we were going to handle his supplements based on his symptoms. We talked about the importance of binders and substances to carry the Lyme toxins and remnants of killed bacteria out of the body. We also talked about ways to deal with “Lyme brain”, the cognitive deficits that can happen during Lyme disease.

I got a great question: WHY isn’t it good for me to only have a BM 3-4x/week? I explained the whole thing! Toxins that are supposed to be excreted and can be reabsorbed; hormones marked for excretion that can cause high hormone problems, like PMS and enlarged prostate and even cancer; the need to slough off old bowel cells and have them regenerate; the need to maintain the tone of the colon so that regularity can be perpetuated. Such a simple everyday function and it’s so important!