It’s July 10, so that means that my sister Nancy turns 52, Playing Card Year! She’ll get a pack in purple, her favorite color, and I’m wearing it today.

It was 90 degrees on this day, so I talked about hydration. Good ol’ coconut water, trace minerals, salt, plain old water, sport drinks. Also taking cayenne or other hot stuff or pickle juice to abort cramps! It’s a good thing to repeat.

Ron has Lyme Disease so we’re trying to figure out what will help him kick it for good. He got his antibiotic changed after 7 weeks of the standby, doxycycline, to cefprozil, a cephalosporin. Meanwhile, he’s taking a bunch of other things: Samento and Banderol to kill the spirochete in all its forms; resveratrol; adaptogenic herbs for his adrenals; oregano oil; humic and fulvic acid to bind toxins; and silver nanoparticles to further kill the organism, both internally and topically on his swollen knee! It’s taking way too long but we’re working on it.