The Episode

For Ali, the nights before the school resumes bring stress, lack of sleep, and counting of sheep. And the summer before senior year was the worst one. This semester, she’s got a different kind of class. In Fairy Tales and Adaptations, Professor Victoria Ford Smith assigns the class to talk about their stresses. This is the last thing Ali wants to do, talk about her stresses while she’s stressing out, but it works out and it opens up just the kind of conversations a senior in college needs.

The Podcast

Professors Are People Too is a show hosted by an English major looking to find the person behind the Ph.D. Trying to rebuild the professor-student relationship, host Ali Oshinskie takes us on a tour of the professors who transformed her learning experience from lecture-hall lost to office-hour happy. In collaboration with University of Connecticut’s English Department and WHUS, UConn’s Sound Alternative, this podcast ventures off the syllabus into lessons that can’t be graded.

The People

Professor Smith and me on the day of the interview.

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