Episode 3: Sean Forbes

So here's the big reveal, Ali's not the only one behind Professors Are People Too!  Sean Forbes, an Assistant Professor-in-Residence and the Director of Creative Writing, is Ali's podcast advisor. Week-to-week, Ali and Sean meet, they talk about writing, horoscopes, and obviously, the podcast! But while Ali's busy making the first two episodes, Sean's making a little art of his own. Ali ventures beyond their weekly meetings and finds that everyone's got a lesson to teach and a lesson to learn.

Episode 2: Cathy Schlund-Vials

On the first day of class, Professor Schlund-Vials does something unheard of. Impressed by this teaching tactic, Ali develops an "office-hours crush" and finds herself welcomed in Professor Schlund-Vials's office. They talk about everything from dogs to family history to race. During these visits, Ali realizes that Professor Schlund-Vials is not only easy to talk to but she's helping Ali work her way through an educational sore spot.

Episode 1: Gina Barreca

Ali keeps hearing all these lovely things about someone named "Gina Barreca." But when she enrolls in Professor Barreca's Creative Writing course, it's not exactly what she expected. Professor Barreca helps the class unravel their stories, and in the process tells a few of hers; those stories overlap in more ways than you'd expect.