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In May, Ali’s out of here. That’s right, she’s graduating and it’s time to find a job with her English degree. This season, Ali’s hitting office hours to learn the lesson everyone’s looking for but no one teaches, ADLT 1000: How to Get a Job. This is Professors Are People Too.

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Professors Are People Too is a show hosted by an English major looking to find the person behind the Ph.D. Trying to rebuild the professor-student relationship, host Ali Oshinskie takes us on a tour of the professors who transformed her learning experience from lecture-hall lost to office-hour happy. In collaboration with University of Connecticut’s English Department and WHUS, UConn’s Sound Alternative, this podcast ventures off the syllabus into lessons that can’t be graded.

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ALI OSHINSKIE, HOST: On May 7th, I’ll be leaving this place, my university, my friends, and as much as you know I hate to say it, my professors. On that day, I can call them by their first names. I can walk comfortably over the University of Connecticut seal knowing my diploma will be in the mail within six weeks. And the next day, I can go out into the world and find a job with my English major.



This season, on Professors are People Too.

OSHINSKIE: I guess this part of early adulthood is realizing like maybe I can be that thing that I never imagined being.

I’ll go to some office hours.

DWIGHT CODR: I mean, I guess the first thing is, you know, one never really signs up for a career.

OSHINSKIE: Ask a couple of relevant questions.

So, yeah, what do I do with an English major?

Try some networking.

MELANIE HEPBURN: Sean might doing intro e-mail himself —


HEPBURN: Saying I have this awesome student who is going to be reaching out to you. She has incredible skills. She’s going to be on the job market.

FORBES: I could do it. I could do it in the next week.

OSHINSKIE: And maybe find a —

Like an internship job, like a —

FORBES: Or it could be a job, job.

OSHINSKIE: A job. It’s so scary. It’s like could I just do another internship?

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CODR: You could call yourself the pod-mother.

OSHINSKIE: I’ll consider that.

Episode four coming March 20th.


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