The Episode

So here’s the big reveal, Ali’s not the only one behind Professors Are People Too!  Sean Forbes, an Assistant Professor-in-Residence and the Director of Creative Writing, is Ali’s podcast advisor. Week-to-week, Ali and Sean meet, they talk about writing, horoscopes, and obviously, the podcast! But while Ali’s busy making the first two episodes, Sean’s making a little art of his own. Ali ventures beyond their weekly meetings and finds that everyone’s got a lesson to teach and a lesson to learn.

The Podcast 

Professors Are People Too is a show hosted by an English major looking to find the person behind the Ph.D. Trying to rebuild the professor-student relationship, host Ali Oshinskie takes us on a tour of the professors who transformed her learning experience from lecture-hall lost to office-hour happy. In collaboration with University of Connecticut’s English Department and WHUS, UConn’s Sound Alternative, this podcast ventures off the syllabus into lessons that can’t be graded.

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The People

Sean and I in his office.

Providencia by Sean Frederick Forbes, check it out!



My boyfriend, Pawel and his friend, Miguel playing at Sean’s reading for The West End Poetry Society at the Metro Cafe in Hartford, CT.

Sean at the West End Poetry Society reading.


The Music 

  • Sean Forbes–“I’m Deaf”, Check out more of Sean’s music at
  • Podington Bear–Intermezzo
  • Podington Bear–Undersea Garden
  • Pawel Kostyk, originally by Jack Strachey–These Foolish Things (Remind Me Of You), Check out his SoundCloud!
  • Podington Bear–Memory Wind
  • Podington Bear–Plastique
  • Podington Bear–Dimlight

The Transcript

Transcripts will be posted within one week after the episode airs.

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