seeing climate change?
Seeing Climate Change?
Seeing Climate Change? Episode 7

Episode 7. Memorable Weather 

by Lillian Stockford 

From sudden floods shutting down buses to a freezing storm with -30℉ windchill, listen to how wild weather has affected students on UConn’s Storrs campus.

Learn More

● The William Benton Museum of Art

● Yan Chen, “Will extreme weather be another epidemic?” The Daily Campus

● Jan Ellen Spiegel, “As Flooding Worsens in CT, Its Drainage Systems Can’t Keep Up,” CT Mirror, October 8, 2023:


Claire Cathers, undergraduate student at the University of Connecticut


Episode Credits

● Lillian Stockford: production, script, narration, sound mix

● Alexander Filippides: Podcast theme music

● BlackPyBeats: Ambient Piano 1/14

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