seeing climate change?
Seeing Climate Change?
Seeing Climate Change? Episode 6

Episode 6. Nurture Your Nature 

by Dominique Spitzer 

Here we explore the science linking improved mental health with experiencing the outdoors. We’ll also learn easy ways to add a little more nature into our daily lives.

Learn More

● The William Benton Museum of Art

● Review article on the relationship between nature and mental health: Gregory N. Bratman,, et al., “The impacts of nature experience on human cognitive function and mental health,” Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 1249, no. 1 (2012):

● Roger Ulrich, “Aesthetic and Affective Response to Natural Environment,” Human Behavior & Environment: Advances in Theory & Research 6 (1983), 85-125.

● Mind, Nature and Mental Health

● Mental Health Foundation, “Nature: How connecting with nature benefits our mental health”

● NatureRx at UConn

● I Thrive Naturally via NatureRx at UConn


Episode Credits

● Dominique Spitzer: production, script, narration, sound mix

● Hannah Mechtenberg: final sound mix

● Alexander Filippides: Podcast theme music

● Music by Jonas, “Let It Go”

● Music by Aleksey Chistilin, “Cinematic Documentary”

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