seeing climate change?
Seeing Climate Change?
Seeing Climate Change? Episode 5

Episode 5. Branching Out on Campus 

by Kathryn Andronowitz 

In Connecticut, we are constantly surrounded by trees. In this episode, we identify trees in the UConn Storrs campus arboretum, alongside discussions about how simply seeing plants can mutually benefit the environment and ourselves.

Learn More

● The William Benton Museum of Art

● Take a Walking Tour of UConn’s Trees

● Discover Native Plants

● Peter Crane on the Oldest Tree on Earth

● More on Bioregionalism

● Digitally Tagging Trees for Scientific Research

● Tree Planting and Volunteer Events in Bridgeport, CT


Kristen Andronowitz, landscape architect and UConn alum


Episode Credits

● Kathryn Andronowitz: production, script, narration, sound mix

● Alexander Filippides: Podcast theme music

● The Beat of Nature by Olexy

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