seeing climate change?
Seeing Climate Change?
Seeing Climate Change? Episode 8

Episode 8. The Cows Behind the Dairy Bar 

by Natalie Boldt

Learn more about the cows behind the delicious ice cream at the Dairy Bar and how extensive faculty- and student-led research on them is contributing to more sustainable food practices!

Learn More

· The William Benton Museum of Art

· Sara Putnam, “UConn Dairy Science Home to One of Nation’s Top Dairy Herds,” UConn Today:

· Kellog Dairy Center, College of Agriculture, Health And Natural Resources, University of Connecticut:

· Let’s Talk Science, “Cows, Methane, and Climate Change”:

· CB Peterson and FM Mitloehner, “Sustainability of the Dairy Industry: Emissions and Mitigation Opportunities,” Frontiers in Animal Science 2 (2021):


Dr. Elias Uddin – Assistant Professor of Animal Nutrition in the Department of Animal Sciences at the University of Connecticut


Episode Credits

· Natalie Boldt: production, script, narration, sound mix

· Hannah Mechtenberg: final sound mix

· Alexander Filippides: Podcast theme music

· Oleg Fedak via Jamendo Music: Taxi (

· sound effects, i.e., park ambiance and cow noises (CC0 license)

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