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Bicycle Talk
Bicycle Talk Episode 375

Bicycle Talk Episode 375: December 13th  2023:   Ron’s Rant:  We need a revolution. And I not talking about just spinning your wheels. Ron talks Bicycle Revolution. On a positive side: Roundabouts coming to CT. Cyclocross Nationals results and Local riders! Shout out:  The Bicycle Revolution and Harvey Mudd College: Mechanical minute and cycling tips:  Traveling , specifically flying with your bike? Some options and suggestions.  Content:  Cyclocross Nationals in Louisville Kentucky.   Local riders win big and other results from this past week’s National Championships. Big shout outs to Dave Rustico, Lizzy Gunsalus, and Frank Jennings. New England cyclocross riders Rock! Ron talks roundabouts in Connecticut.  The bicycle Revolution. How e-cargo bikes can change the face of delivery. And the up and coming Natchaug Epic. Events and Finishing Points. 

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