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Bicycle Talk
Bicycle Talk Episode 372

Bicycle Talk Episode 372: November 22nd 2023: Ron’s Rant: Be Aware of your space and surroundings. And NYC Mayor Adams and his office concur:  The “proliferation” of e-bikes is “driving” a surge in cyclist deaths this year, City Hall claimed Tuesday.  Really? If so, why are there not safer places to ride them? GCN Plus? On a positive side:The e-bike revolution begins. Academics Conclude What We Already Know: Cyclists Are More Neighborly than Drivers. Mechanical minute and cycling tips: How to look behind you and not weave all over the road. Content: Cranksgiving attracts industry sponsors for its 24th event . And from the rant:  City Hall Uses Flimsy Data to Blame E-bikes for Rise in Cycling Deaths. Cyclists are better people than drivers not only because of they get exercise or help the environment — they also have better ethics, a new study suggests.
Automated Bike Lane Enforcement Laws Are Taking Off. GCN+ is shuttering its live streaming services and app next month.
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