Bicycle Talk
Bicycle Talk
Bicycle Talk Episode 370

Bicycle Talk Episode 370: November 18th, 2023:  Ron’s Rant: Get out and vote, tomorrow is election day! Size matters: Bike size vs car size. 

On a positive side: Fran is back on her bike!  UConn Basketball is back!    Too Tall Billy is getting an E-Road bike! 

Mechanical minute and cycling tips: Don’t throw out that old road bike. Fix it! The benefits of the one-gear bicycle.  Ron talks about converting and riding that old road bike and why it is so exciting!  Content:  Sepp Kuss on Roglič’s Transfer: “I Think It’s Better for Everybody That He Is on a Different Team.”  Forget the Tour de France. Chris Horner Believes Sepp Kuss Should Target the Giro D’Italia Instead.  Ron Talks about Cyclocross Nationals and what’s coming this year.  Why do only half of the US bicycle dealers sell the big 4 brands?   Events and Finishing Points.