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Bicycle Talk Episode 371

Bicycle Talk Episode 371: November 15th, 2023:   Ron’s Rant: Skinny roads save lives, according to a study on the width of traffic lanes. Well no kidding! And this is new news?  

On a positive side: Too Tall Billy, and I got to ride with him on his maiden voyage on his new e-road bicycle on Saturday!   Mechanical minute and cycling tips: Top 5 e-bike tips. Amazon stops selling certain e-bike batteries after fire concerns. Content: Study: 12 Ft. Lanes Are Deadlier Than 10 Ft. Ones — So Why Do Many DOTs Build Them Anyway?  A 12-foot lane can expect roughly 50 percent more crashes than a 10-foot one. Yet many traffic engineers still pick the wider design. Ron talks about why narrower roads are so much safer for us all. And this from CT DOT:  Motor Vehicle Crashes
A Leading Cause of Death in Younger People. Ron reflects on the e-road bike revolution and why he thinks this is a very good thing. Should my next bike be an E-road bike? And a note from a listener about how the e-bike has changed his life.  Next week we will talk about Cranksgiving is a food drive on two wheels. Events and Finishing Points.