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Bicycle Talk
Bicycle Talk Episode 369

 Bicycle Talk Episode 369: November 1st, 2023:  Ron’s Rant: Wow, Ron is speechless, life is good, and not much to rant about today, although it is getting cold. 

On a positive side: More Cyclocross in CT as the weekend approaches.   Weather? Wow, 80 degrees on Saturday!  One of the reasons to be Happy and rant less.  And a quick shout out to Amber Pierce. Was that you I saw pulling a trailer with a little one on board last week?  Mechanical minute and cycling tips:  More on Tubular Cross tires and Tubeless cross and gravel tires and Inserts for tubeless tires.   Content:  How to bike commute through winter.  People for bikes city rankings:  2023 City Ratings. Bicycle Racing:   Primož Roglič Reveals He Was Planning His Jumbo-Visma Exit Before the Vuelta a España Dram.  Bicycle Industry news:  Shimano bike-related sales down 25% in first three quarters. And From Last week’s show: Think you need another car? Consider an e-bike instead.  Events and Finishing Points.