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Bicycle Talk
Bicycle Talk Episode 364

Bicycle Talk Episode 364  September 27th,  2023:   Ron’s Rant: Teenage troublemakers get deadly.   Teens Accused Of Intentionally Killing Bicyclist Are Allegedly Tied To More Hit-And-Runs.  Jumbo pulls the plug.  

On a positive side: Frannie is sucking up the sun in Florida.  Still have the Sepp Kuss smile on my face.  In the Karma department of the positive side:  Cyclist uses webcam to scold cell phone user. 

  Mechanical minute and cycling tips:   Group riding 101. The half-wheel, the half-baked, and the reason why more experienced cyclists give up on instruction.   Content:  Ron talks about the tragic incident in Las Vegas and offers opinions and suggestions as to how to help prevent future incidents. Does anyone have a spare 20M/Euros? Team Jumbo-Visma losing main sponsor with cancellation of €20m sports program. So how good do you have to be to make a living on a bicycle?  How much does Sepp Kuss get paid? Shimano recalls 760,000 Hollowtech Road Cranksets.    Events and Finishing Points.