Bicycle Talk Episode 363  September 20th,  2023:   Ron’s Rant: Ok, so your right hand man is leading a grand tour and you attack?  And RIP Scott Taylor Johnson.  On a positive side:  Sepp Kuss. Today will be the Sepp Kuss Show. If you don’t know who is by now, you will in less than an hour. Stay tuned.  Mechanical minute and cycling tips: Chain lube like I’ve never experienced before. Ron reflects on his latest discovery.   Content:  The Vuelta Espania 2023, Team mates, and Sepp Kuss. Wow what a big event in world bicycle racing. History was made in the past 3 weeks in so many ways. Viva Jumbo Visma and the great GC riders that make them who they are. Best grand tour ever. Suspense, Drama, Intrigue, this one had it all.  Ron talks up the excitement and passion of this year’s Vuelta. Study: Some Paint-Only Bike Lanes May Increase Crashes   Events and Finishing Points.