Bicycle Talk Episode 365:  October 4,  2023: Ron’s Rant: Ron talks about Butts on Bikes and the fear of riding on the road. Observations from a recently attended weekend event.  Why cities with high bicycling rates are safer for all road users.  On a positive side: Frannie is back!  So long Peter Sagan, still have the Sepp Kuss smile on my face  Great weekend with the class of 73! Dave Shepard comments on living in NYC during COVID and his bicycle.  Mechanical minute and cycling tips:  Bike to use for cyclocross first-timers.  Content:   Comments from last week’s show. And oh, what is going on in the professional racing world? Primoz Roglic leaves Jumbo? Jumbo Supermarket ends sponsorship? I Amazon taking up the slack? And who’s going where in the pro cyclist shuffle? Layers to the chaos, rumors emerge. And of course Cyclocross. How to get started. Ron offers lots of tips from USA Cycling and beyond.  Events and Finishing Points.