Bicycle Talk Episode 356:  August 2nd,  2023:   Ron’s Rant: . Tornado’s in Eastern Connecticut. Really? Ron rants about climate change and how we all need to ride our bikes more to help control it.  On a positive side:  The Tour de Femme! It’s trivia time. Do you know the answer? The SteepleChase Bike Tour and what’s Happening in Eastern Connecticut in 75 day’s?  Mechanical minute and cycling tips:  Do women really need women specific bicycles?  Ron talks about sizing small women on bicycles.   Content:  Tour de Femme. Ron and Fran talk about the Women’s version of the Tour de France. And, Who has won the Tour de France without a stage win?  Have to listen to the show to find out. Bicycles and climate change. What you can do. It’s less than you think to make a really big difference. Tackling Climate Change One Ride at a Time:  People for Bikes announces their infrastructure project..  To fight climate change, we need to start biking like the Dutch.    Events and Finishing Points.