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Bicycle Talk
Bicycle Talk Episode 354

Bicycle Talk Episode 354:  July 19th  2023:   Ron’s Rant: . The closer you live to work and shopping for food, schools, and your general needs is as important as your new car decision. Priorities people!

And Cycling socks vs spectator interference.  On a positive side: It’s the Tour de France. Rest day thank goodness. Are you watching this?  OMG It’s a 2 man race again!  Shout out to real estate app Zillow:

Considering a Move? Check Your Dream Home’s “Bikeability” with Zillow.   Mechanical minute and cycling tips:   Body Language.  Ron talks about his experience last weekend with Fran at ERRACE. Content:  Let’s start with the UCI:  Ron Brings attention to the UCI and the fact that the length of your cycling socks seem to take priority over racer safety.  And of course,  Vingegaard and Pogacar in close thriller as motorbikes spoil stage.   How to Deal with Bikelash: Tips for Cyclists and Advocates.  Ron explores a Canadian website’s complaint about how cyclists are seen to the general public and how they are treated.  Tour de France anyone?  It’s a two man race:  Yes more updates including looking at the final week of the 2023 Tour de France.   This of course is in reference to the “takedown” of Sepp Kuss in the last stage of the TDF. vTour De France Fans Cause Multiple Crashes—Leading To Rider Injuries And Withdrawal From Race.  Ron talks about the positive side of real estate app Zillow. Considering a Move? Check Your Dream Home’s “Bikeability” with Zillow  Events and Finishing Points: