Bicycle Talk Episode 352:  July 5th 2023:   Ron’s Rant: .  Ron Follows up on last weeks rant and then adds in a bad driver experience of his own that he experienced last week riding home from work. And why do we have a 3 foot law if it’s not charged? . On a positive side:     It’s the Tour de France!  More positives on the Netflix Documentary Unchained. Connecticut’s really positive e-bike program. The 38th annual Boom Box Parade in Willimantic.   Mechanical minute and cycling tips:    How about that sticky front derailleur? What to do.   Content:   Ron talks up the Boom Box Parade and how he uses it for bicycle advocacy.  Why are drivers so ignorant when it comes to behavior around Vulnerable users?   Tour de France anyone?  Yes it’s on. Ron talks 2023 TDF! Favorite time of the year. Frenchman wins for Cofidis! First time since 2008. The Hardest Climbs in the Tour de France 2023.  And who is already out of this year’s tour. Why Trails? Study: Finishing the Mass. Central Rail Trail Could Deliver Over $200 Million In Annual Benefits.   Events and Finishing Points.