Bicycle Talk Episode 350:  June 19th  2023:   Ron’s Rant: . RIP Gino Mäder Taken Too Early.  Transportation budget in Massachusetts, Really? Less than Half of one percent? Priorities people!!!!!   On a positive side: Mattias Skjelmos  wins Tour de Suisse.  Surprise in the mail. Gabe and family  and my shirt  Have Fran reads the note.  Mechanical minute and cycling tips: LUBE  Why is lube so important?  Content: Bahrain Victorious rider Gino Mäder Taken To Early  Young Swiss rider plunges into a ravine in the Tour de Suisse. Ron talks about this promising young rider. Stage 6 canceled riders ride a 20 mile tribute in honor of Gino.  U23  Giro riders disqualified for “hitching a ride”. Watched the opening episode of unchained and I’m hooked, but some advice to those who enjoy their sleep.  The 15 Best Arguments For Bike Boosters.    Events and Finishing Points.